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Angling in County Leitrim

Fishing around Ballinamore

Expect bream, roach, hybrids and tench. A delightful water produced the Irish record bream of 12lb 3oz in 1997. There have been rumours of bigger fish recently and certainly there are great bream and tench to be had; sometimes from the margins on pole gear or further out with a method feeder or groundbait feeder.

Expect bream, roach, hybrids, tench and perch. Renowned for its tench fishing, it is a shallow fishery with an average depth no more than three metres and certainly a place to tackle from dawn and then into the evening. Bread, corn, worms, pellets and caster, will all account for good fish.

Expect bream, roach, rudd, tench and perch.  There are fishing stands on both sides of the lake for comfortable fishing and a chance to catch Drumlonan’s many tench and bream.  Large hookbaits – worm, corn, and pellet – will be best to avoid the increasing numbers of small roach.

Expect bream, roach, hybrids and perch.  Despite having a reputation for great bream fishing, there have been very few anglers on the bank in recent times. There is a comfortable bank close to the equestrian centre – this is where most anglers used to fish – and the best attack for bream will be a crumb feeder at 40 metres into about five metres depth.

Expect bream, skimmers, roach, hybrids, tench, pike and perch. A massive water covering 12,000 acres and about 100 swims that you can drive to at Haughton’s Shore, Church Shore, Creamer’s Shore and Connolly’s Shore. All angling methods and baits will work, though a groundbait feeder with worm, corn and casters will get the bigger fish.

Expect bream, roach, hybrids, and perch. Easily accessed off the Ballinamore to Carrick-on-Shannon road with good parking at the water’s edge, though this is not the most prolific shoreline. Big catches of bream and hybrids are taken from the facing peninsula, which entails a 150 metre walk or by boat.

Fishing around Carrigallen

Expect bream, skimmers, roach, hybrids, tench, pike and perch. A prolific mixed fishery often used in the September angling festivals because of the general catch rate and ease of access. There is plenty of space for pleasure fishing. A groundbait feeder is recommended and on a calm day the matchmen still find bream with long casts.  Or pole fishing start on maggot then switch to caster for good roach and hybrids; for the feeder concentrate on worm tipped with corn, maggot or a caster.

Expect bream, skimmers, roach, hybrids, tench, pike and perch. Very well known for its excellent general fishing and a water that usually produces instant fishing from roach and hybrids. There are two sections to the lake and the Upper Lake seems to produce the bigger bream catches, perhaps because its roadside location entices more anglers.  Well worth a visit and fishable with waggler, pole and feeder.

Expect bream, skimmers, roach, hybrids and perch. You can look forward to access, plenty of comfortable swims and a chance to catch plenty of fish.  The majority of anglers just turn up and seem happy enough with whatever finishes up in the net by pole fishing, waggler or swimfeeder.  Be aware that some ground-baiting the day before, or maybe tackling the same swim for two consecutive days, could easily result in a 100lb bag of bream.

Expect bream, skimmers, roach, hybrids, tench, pike and perch.  A 40-acre lake with a good depth of water around seven meters in some area and has been stocked with bream to 11lb.  Most anglers head for the car park comfortable platforms beside the Church to catch tench and mostly roach on pole or feeder.  However, there have often been nice nets of bream and tench from the roadside, facing the platforms. Some serious catches are made by anglers concentrating on the same swims for a couple of days.

Fishing around Drumshanbo

Expect bream, skimmers, roach, hybrids, pike and perch.  Allen is a big water (seven miles long) and an excellent fishery.  In early spring the bream congregate in Wynne’s Bay and make easy pickings. For the rest of the year there are plenty of roach and hybrids to be caught on any method from all access points.

Expect bream, roach, hybrids, tench and perch.  The lake has always been known for its bream fishing but today there are just as many tench, roach and hybrids caught, especially from the boating jetty that sticks out into the middle of the water.

This is a unique narrow, fast flowing stretch of the River Shannon with a great head of roach and hybrids to be caught in spring.  Downstream – behind the lock keeper’s office – it is more canal-like and more of a year-round venue for all species.

Fishing around Keshcarrigan

Expect bream, skimmers, roach, hybrids, tench, pike and perch. Castlefore is a prolific water and kitted out with a number of new double fishing platforms and only a short walk. Heavyweight mixed nets are taken by feeder fishing at about 40 metres in depths averaging six metres. Pre-baiting can work very well.

Expect bream, roach, hybrids, pike and perch. There are two particular productive stretches of shoreline at the ‘Rocks’ and ‘Pump House’ that can be driven to and provide loads of space within a 25 metre walk. All methods will work on Scur and often the bream will come within pole fishing distance.

Expect bream, roach, hybrids and perch. A most pleasant lake with a bankside car park and excellent concrete jetties - yet it is rarely fished. For those happy enough catching roach, hybrids and perch, it is simply a matter of turning up and the fish will move on to the feed, but some serious pre-baiting will be necessary to get a bag of bream.

Fishing around Mohill

Expect some bream, roach, hybrids and tench. Rinn is seldom fished these days but during 2008 it was used for the Dutch King of Clubs and catch returns of roach and hybrids were very good.  Legendary for its tench fishing, it is well worth fishing Rinn if you are staying in the area.

Expect bream, rudd, roach, hybrids, tench, pike and perch.  There have been some outstanding catches of bream and tench made from this 90-acre lake, though most of them have been very early or late in the day. There is an opportunity to fish the margins with a pole but a groundbait feeder will probably catch more bream.

Wherever you fish in Ireland, the chances of catching fish are hugely improved by pre-baiting to attract fish into your chosen swim.  Ideally this is done the evening before (or for a couple of days)using breadcrumb or local maize meal carrying particle baits such as sweetcorn, boiled wheat, hemp and pellets.

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